Play Them Ragtime Boos

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"Play Them Ragtime Boos"
Real Ghostbusters episode
Play Them Ragtime Boos Title Card.jpg
Episode no. Season 2
Original air date November 26, 1987 (1987-11-26)
Episode chronology
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"Beneath These Streets"
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"The Old College Spirit"
Real Ghostbusters: Season 2
Real Ghostbusters: Episode Guide

On a trip to New Orleans, the guys encounter Malachai, the ghost of a trumpet player who uses swing music to turn back time in an attempt to bring back the old days. Can modern Rock and Roll be the answer?



  • Malachai: The ghost of a trumpet player from the 1940s that wants to turn back time.


  • Toward the end of the episode, the guys appear in Sergeant Pepper style suits as seen on the Beatles album, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  • Malachai's band plays "When the Saints Go Marching In"
  • The Tahiti song Party On His Mind is used in this episode twice.
  • A giant shark from prehistoric times known as a Megaladon, appears in this episode.


Winston Zeddemore: I can't even play a kazoo!
Egon Spengler: The instruments will be programmed. All we have to do is supply air.
Woman: Mr Venkman seems to have plenty of that.
Peter Venkman: heh heh. It so happens I'll be playing the guitar.