Prop:Dan Shannon's Ghost Trap

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As we know, Rome wasn't built in a day. Of course, it's logical to believe that it wasn't made in 2, either. But one thing's certain: This Ghost Trap was built in 2 days, and didn't cost jack scrat! Using discarded wood and other matrials from a nearby dumpster, I took what I needed, and with some screws, nails and paint, I was able to build this somewhat-crappy-yet-nice-looking piece. The doors don't open, has no lights, and for the most part, kinda crappy, but I was inventive with some parts of the trap, such as the part on the foot trigger. (There's a close-up of that somewhere.) As Back would say, "Any prop is a good prop as long as it fools the naked eye." But even for the naked eyes that do notice it, I still say it looks good. --Dan Shannon (talk)


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