Prop:Dan Shannon's PKE Meter

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Say hello to the Ghostbusters: Chicago Division's version of the PKE meter! Using a Radio Shack project box, some PVC piping, two cordless phone antenne, and some electonics, this stunning piece of ghostbusing equipment can detect ectoplasmic entities roughly 2 miles away! Ok, not really. :P This meter's design is a cross-breed of the RGB and EGB meters, with a certain amount of movie realism added. the meter had working electronics. the green light is statically lit and the red light blinks, close to the RGB versions. the needle is a refrigerator/freezer thermometer. i chose that one because it was the only one small enough to fit into the box. taking into account how the meter was clipped to the belt, i had recently added a clip onto the bottom of the handle. there is also a clip on the back of the meter that allows it to be clipped that way as well. its a nice meter for what its used for. how you enjoy! --Dan Shannon (talk)


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