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This is my attempt at a "Budget" PKE. The body casting and wings I picked up for 50. The face plate is a piece is from a green binder from a office supply store with a CD case under it, those cost about 10 bucks. The buttons are staples which were about 3 dollars. The lights all came from a online catalogue. The lights on the face are static unfortunately. The red LEDs always remain on and the green descending are on when the switch is turned to the right. The green and red LEDs follow suite with were the switch is positioned. The lights on the wings follow the correct pattern, I bought a led chaser kit and cut down the board and ran the wires through ribbon cables to the wings and just wired them to display the lights in the correct order. After the extra mini LEDs I had to buy and the kit I spent another 20 dollars on the electronics. The wings operate on a Lego motor on the inside running into a custom gear box I made out of two Lego gearboxes chopped up and glued together. After a lot of soder and the new sodering pencil I had to buy altogether I spend about 100 dollars on this thing and its about 80% accurate witch is fine for me and other people(Non ghost heads) are completely blow away by the stupid thing so I must have done something right. --gbfreak2021 (talk)



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