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This is the PKE meter holster I designed. I was not to keen on any of the holsters people were using for there PKE meters because of two reasons. One: They take up way to much real estate on your belt (Especially if you are already rocking a trap, lifeguard, walkie, gloves, and belt gizmo). My holster only takes as much space on the belt as the PKE itself. And Two: I like my PKE to be lit when holstered. The current holsters don\'t allow that, or have high risk of accidentally activating the wings. Then the wings try to open and the motor starts to skip and you start damaging the internal workings of the PKE. My holster allows the wings to extend when holstered just incase of that situation. The holster is made from black leather, thread, and a button snap. You may also notice that my PKE is a Mattel PKE Meter, but it has been painted a semi-gloss black. Additionally, you can not tell from the photos, but I also sanded off the text on the back of the handle. --GhostbusterPM (talk)



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