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Sporting the new dark gray suit with white lettering namepatch and modern olive drab pistol belt.

And no, it's not meant to be a Ghostbusters II suit.

I changed out the belt since the old nylon ones don't support equipment well or adjust easily.

I made the cosmetic changes because I felt it simply looks sharper. Back in '84, I suspect the costume designer had the same idea about the uniforms as they did the car.. changing the color scheme from something dark (Ecto-1 was to be black, the jumpsuits navy, if I recall correctly) so it would show up in dark sequences on screen. Since we live in an era of HD photography and camera phones, I felt it was time for a change since that detail won't get lost with modern photography. That, and I hate khaki as an apparel color.

This shade really helps the logo to "pop". It doesn't suck up all of the light like the black jumpsuits do, and it looks like it would fit in the franchise. The namepatch with white lettering rather than red on black just reads better -- thus preventing the common question"are you Ray or Venkman?". --groschopf (talk)



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