Prop:InKibuster's Proton Pack

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Here's my Pack from the back. Yes, the cyclotron lights are just painted on, but not for long. The whole cyclotron is easy to remove, it's a fantastic PERFECT sized stainless steel pan I convinced the family to part with for the better. It's ideal for removing and housing lighting, I just ran out of time before this Halloween. The pack was built from scratch, and still needs finishing touches. Most of the pieces, (crank generator, ion arm, PPD, etc) were made from poplar wood and bondo by me in my woodshop. The little widgets, like the resistors and rainbow ribbon, I purchased from this fab site. That you GB Fans for providing them, and the great people who made plans to follow!! Thanks to my family for their contributions as well. And as I said, a project in the making. ;-) --InKibuster (talk)


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