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[b]September 2008[/b] - Here goes my first attempt at a Proton Pack - realized in June 2008. Going all out for a first time build and already spent close to $1000 on parts & accessories. [b]October 2008[/b] - The pack is done, just in time for Halloween! Thanks to all who helped by either making parts or answering a ton of questions. Thanks especially to GBFans for it's wonderful forum and all the great reference pics. Parts used include: GB1 ribbon cable from SolidGoldCaddy, version1 GB1 Angle V-hook from aka momeraths24 Particle Thrower is a hotshotdraw kit. Assembled by "Governor", he put a lot of work into it and made this crappy kit look very good. Resin GB1 style Shockmount from uscm buzz Resin proton pack shell from Midwest Prop Shop Bumper and booster frame from Propfan SMC elbows, brass clippard elbows, dale and sage resistors, tubing, ribbon cable clamp, aluminum motherboard, Ion Arm and first Ion Rod, PPD, Crank Knob, filler tube and beam line, injector tubes and all split loom from Multimedia Mayhem Second updated Ion Arm from GBFans Shop Generic modern ALICE pack frame bought on eBay Pack and deluxe gun light kits from Exoray Blue acrylic lens in powercell, mailbox reflectors from Lowe's in the cyclotron ports. Volguus pack labels. Painted with Rustoleum gray primer and finished with Rustoleum semi-gloss black and dust from my dusty house. [b]January 2009[/b] - I was fortunate enough to get a bonus from my work this year so I took the plunge and pre-ordered an Exoray V71 Mark X shell. With that purchase came the decision to sell this pack. I put it up on eBay with a BIN of $1,500 and it sold in less than 4 hours of posting. In retrospect, I wish I hadn't sold the pack but rather kept it and converted it to GB2 style, using the GB1 parts in my new pack build. --kind2311 (talk)



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