Prop:NickyTea's Proton Pack

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The pack is mostly (90% +) scratch built by me. The parts I did not construct are the cyclotron (vacuformed by one of our members), the gun grips (MMM), and the gun tip/trigger. This doesn't include the obvious greeblies and random resin bits and bobs I was able to trade for, but the majority of the pack is still a scratch build. I used foamcore for the spacer, gearbox and ion arm, and MDF for the power cell, mother board, bumper and gun box. I used a solid block of wood for the gun mount. (should also note that the v hook itself was a 'reject' machined part from one of our members I was able to make work.) I think I'm going to enjoy one Halloween "clean" before I weather her up. (And probably begin conversion to a game pack, eventually.) --NickyTea (talk)


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