Proton Pack Hardware

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This is the Hardware that is believed to be used on the Proton Pack. There are different variations for particular fastener types on each of the packs (GB1 & GB2: Hero, SemiHero, SuperHero, and Stunt). This is a generalized list. The lengths of the fasteners are unknown, however the lengths provided below are suggestions.

The following list is a generalized list for the GB1 Proton Pack:


6-32 socket cap head screws:

Instrument bar

Barrel lock

Bottom plate

Front gun ear

Gun knub under the brass washers

6-32 flat hex head screws:

Female V-Hook on Thrower Bracket/Gun Track

8-32 socket cap head screws:

Thrower Bracket/Gun Track

Screw between the side adjustment knobs

Washer to hold down S-Hook

(Also correct for the bottom plate)

4-40 socket cap head screw:

Top knob

Fasteners needed for Thrower:

Larger side knobs

Smaller knob that attaches to larger side knob

Front thrower knob

Heat sink from inside of Thrower

Larger side knob by Heat sink

Thrower Bracket/Gun Track Disks

Proton Pack:

4-40 socket cap heads:

2 x 3/8" long for resistors on the Ion Arm.

8-32 socket cap heads:

2 X 1" long for Booster frame (on some packs)

Screw beneath the Ribbon Cable hole ( Spengler pack )

2 screws X 1" long through the Ribbon Cable Clamp

2 screws through the Clippard valve

10-32 socket cap heads:

2 X 1" long Booster frame (on some packs)

Ion Arm

1/4-20 socket cap head:

4 x 1/4"-1/2" on the HGA

4 x 1 1/2"+ attaching the bumper (1/4 pan head Phillips on GB2 packs)

4 x 1 1/4"+ for attaching the shell to the mobo (1/4 pan head Phillips on GB2 packs)

8-32 slotted flat head machine screws:

2 for V-hook Male bracket mounted from inside.