Proton Pack Part Names

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The names of each part of the Proton Pack were invented by a number of fans in 1999. A group was created with a number of knowledgable Ghostbusters Fans at the time. They included Norm Gagnon, Mike Neal, Wes Martin, AJ Quick, CPU64, & El among a few others.

Although the fictional part names were invented by this group, several pieces carry the names of the actual parts used on the packs. These include the ribbon cable, the Clippard valves, the heatsink, and the Legris elbow. Another part, the cyclotron, uses the name of a real piece of scientific equipment. However, a real cyclotron would be much too large to carry on one's back.

This diagram mentions a few of the part names:

Proton Pack Part Name Diagram.jpg

A more detailed list as well as who came up with them can be found here:

Part Name Contributor
Beamline (Black Wire from HGA) Norm Gagnon
Booster Tube (Originally "Cyclotron Band" by Mike Neal)
Clippard Valve (Originally "Modular Valve" by Norm Gagnon)
Crank Generator/Gearbox/Vacuum Pump Mike Neal & Norm Gagnon
Cyclotron Norm Gagnon
EDA (Electro-Static Dissipation Assembly) CPU64
Filler Tubes aka "Filler Plug" by Norm Gagnon
Hydrogen Gas Actuator (HGA) CPU64
Injector Lead Wires CPU64
Injectors Norm Gagnon
Ion Regulation Wire (Red Wire on Cyclotron) "El"
Ion Wire #3 (Red Wire from HGA) "El"
Legris Elbow (Originally "Inverse Protonic Electrode" by CPU64)
Shockmount aka Ion Knob Norm Gagnon
Motherboard Wes Martin
N-Filter Norm Gagnon
Power Cell "El"
Primary Power Distributor (PPD) CPU64
Ribbon Cable (Originally "Power Cell Regulation Band" by "El")
Synchronous Generator Norm Gagnon