Ragnarok and Roll

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"Ragnarok and Roll"
Real Ghostbusters episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 3
Original air date September 16, 1987 (1987-09-16)
Episode chronology
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"Adventures in Slime and Space"
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"Captain Steel Saves the Day"
Real Ghostbusters: Season 2
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The episode begins with Jeremy, and DiTillio going to a Norse shrine, at which Jeremy recites an ancient spell from an old scroll, which summons the Dark Entity, who transforms Jeremy into a monsterous version of himself, with blue skin and mirror eyes, giving him a magic flute with the power to end the world by playing the Song of Destruction. Jeremy travels back to New York and on the way plays choruses from the Song of Destruction. Supernatural attacks increase in New York, running the Ghostbusters ragged as a result of the barriers between our world and the Dark Entity's world breaking down. Quickly, the whole world begins to be assaultd by super-powered natural disasters. Egon figures out that a pattern has formed and a house appears to be in the middle of it.

They visit the house and meet Cindy which is a ex-girlfriend of Jeremy. She also gives Egon a old scroll which it turns out to say one word... Ragnarok. They track Jeremy to the roof of a skyscraper where the Ghostbusters try to stop Jeremy by blasting him, but he has become so powerful that he doesn't even notice the proton streams. After this fails, the Ghostbusters allow Cindy to try to break through to her ex beau while Egon tries to think of a way to stop the man from wiping life off the face of the earth forever. However, Jeremy is still hurt and rejects Cindy. The Ghostbusters set up their packs for overload, deciding that saving the world is more important than their own lives, with Egon sadly saying Janine's name under his breath.

After DiTillio gets blown by the savage wind off the building Jeremy tries to save him, but DiTillio doesn't want to be saved, prefering to die than live in a hell, because he cares about the world and he thinks that Jeremy destroying the world over his problems is wrong. With his best friend inches from death, Jeremy's rage breaks and Jeremy promises to stop the destruction, saving his friend. Jeremy starts to play the Song of Life. The Ghostbusters turn off the self destruct countdown and wait to see what happens. As the Song of Life begins, the gargoyles melt away, and things start changing back to normal.

However, the Dark Entity was not willing to let mortals interfere with its coming, and refused to let them stop the coming of Ragnarok. It summoned its power and struck Jeremy with a near lethal energy blast, draining him of nearly all of the dark power it gave him. The Ghostbusters, sieze the opportunity while the Entity is weak and open fire on full stream, hoping Jeremy had weakened it enough that they can destroy it.

The beams finally punch through the energy barrier between our world and the Entity's, pushing it back into its own world, sealing the gate. Jeremy is alive but his powers are nearly gone even as he tries to play the Song of Life to restore the world. He cannot, and begs the Ghostbusters, Cindy and DeTillio to help him, to give him the strength he needs. They do and with seconds left, Jeremy plays the Song of Life and the world is restored back to the way it was.


  • Jeremy Whittington
  • Cindy
  • DeTillio
  • The Dark Entity (possibly Surt)
  • Gargoyles, Winged Demons


  • When the Ghostbusters arrive at Cindy's house, Egon's jumpsuit is mistakenly colored brown like Peter's.
  • The ABC Theater is showing "Ghostbusters." ABC was the network that first aired RGB.
  • "DIC" is written on the TV Reporter's microphone. DIC is the company that makes the RGB series.
  • "Ragnarok and Roll" is one of the most character driven episodes done.
  • When Jeremy is summoning the flute, he can be clearly heard reciting Tolkien's Ring-inscription, and then saying " Khazad-dum".
  • The gargoyles in this episode are similar to the Stone Gargoyles in Ghostbusters the Video Game.
  • Oddly, in Extreme Ghostbusters, Surt, a Norse fire Jötunn, or jötnar (a fire jötunn's goal in Norse mythology is to wreak the final destruction of the world by setting fire to the world at the end of Ragnarok, killing all but a few of the remaining gods), is imprisoned in the containment unit. It is not known when or how Surt, the "black one" according to Norse mythology , was captured or if he was the skull like face that showed itself partially crossed over into our world at the end of this episode. Surt uses the recently released Fenris ( the giant monster wolf like demon who is the harbringer of Ragnarok) to attempt to escape. His plans are foiled however, when Slimer and Eduardo take a stand against him in the hell-universe of the containment unit, risking their life and after-life to do so. Surt is most likely still in the containment unit.
  • Interestingly, through probably not intended, the Dary Entity in this episode is dark colored; In real Norse mythology, Surt, one of the dark gods of Raganok who was to kill the other gods, was also known as "the black one" or "the dark one".
  • Egon apparently knows how to transplant human brains into animal bodies. How he perfected this technique and why he has a human brain on the mantel in "Copy Cat" is unknown.
  • Issues 5-7 of the IDW Ghostbusters ongoing comic series feature a young boy named Scotty who is possessed by a Manitou. As one of Dan Schoening's many in-jokes, Scotty's parents greatly resemble Jeremy and Cindy.



Ray Stantz: Winston, do you realize the kind of power he must have been in contact with for a single sheet of exposed paper to do that?!
Winston Zeddemore: No, do I want to?
Ray Stantz: Only if you want nightmares the rest of your life!
Winston Zeddemore: Thanks, I'll pass.


Egon Spengler: (as he faces certain death)...Janine....

Street Preacher: The end is near! Repent! Did you hear brothers and sister? The end of the world is upon us, there's no use to argue! But if you donate five dollars, I might be able to work out a repreve.
Peter Venkman: Actaully, you're right! The end of the world is upon us!
Street Preacher: It is? You mean this is the real thing!?
Peter Venkman: (Nods)
Street Preacher: Well, shoot. Looks like I'll have to find a new line of work.