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Many Real Ghostbusters role playing toys were released during the run of the cartoon, a lot of them based on the ones from the movie, including the Ghost Nabber (ghost sniffer) and Ecto-Charger pack (Slime Blower). Many of these items are for sale on eBay, and depending on their condition, can cost from $10.00 to over $100.00. The full equipment line was;

Proton Pack: Came with the pack, gun, a PKE Meter (which could be stored into a groove on the backpack), Ghost logo arm band, foam piece which represented the proton stream, and ID Card. The gun had a trigger which simulated the sound of a proton stream. Side of the pack had a hook to hold the gun on.

PKE Meter: Came as part of the Proton Pack set. The PKE meter differed from the one on the RGB cartoon in that it had a third "antenna" in the middle of the main two. The sensor antennae array on the toy did not retract but, was able to be spun using a wheel on the back of the toy. The sensitivity knobs on the side were molded and static, while the one on the face of the toy could be turned.

Ecto-Charger Pack: I.E. Slime Blower from Ghostbusters 2. A trigger activated a pink piece of plastic to extend out to simulate slime.

Ecto-Headphones with Radar Blaster: Came with a pair of headphones that had an orange knob you could twist which made the antenna spin. The radar blaster shot out a long red dart. The box had cut-outs on the back you could use as targets.

Ecto-Goggles and Ecto-Popper: The Ecto-Goggles were much like the ones in the series. The goggles were a translucent blue with places to hold the 4 pink foam darts on the sides of the goggles. There were two ye pieces, one longer than the other. The Ecto-Popper was a small gun that, when pressed, would fire out the pink darts.

Ghost Nabber: This toy was like the "sniffer" used by Peter in the original Ghostbusters movie. It was a small blue box with an over-the-shoulder strap and an extendable wand that could be used to capture the three ghosts that the toy came with. When pressed the wand extended and latched onto the ghosts. Then the box could be opened and the ghosts could be placed inside.

Ghost Grab-A-Meter: This toy was purple and orange. The trigger at the back would close up the arm at the front of the gun and when it was completely shut a dart would be fired from underneath the gun. The dart fires from a small green tube that could be moved to the side of the gun where the trigger does not interact with the dart launcher. There was also a sight that could be pulled up on the top of the gun.

Ghost Popper: The Ghost Popper was a long black gun with a red tip and a gray handle that, when pulled back and pushed forward, would fire a small yellow foam dart (total of 6, included). There were three crevasses on the top of the gun to store the foam darts (2 in each slot). Three cardboard cutouts were included, and made for great fun!

Ghost Trap: The Ghost Trap was just like the trap in the series, and included a small glow-in-the-dark ghost figure, resembling one that came with Fright Features Ray. It was a small blue box with a black and white stripe pattern on the top. The white strips would glow in the dark. The trap had a pull out belt hook and a pedal attached by a yellow hose. When the pedal was pressed, air forces through the hose and the trap doors would open and close.

Ecto-Blaster: The Ecto Blaster was a long orange gun that had a purple handle in the back that, when pulled back and pushed forward, would fire small pink darts. The darts were loaded into a hole in the top of the gun and the four darts could be fired off in rapid succession unlike the other projectile guns in the equipment line.

Nutrona Blaster: The Nutrona blaster was a blue gun that had a green foam piece that would spin when the knob on the side of the gun was turned.

Water Zapper: The Water Zapper looked a lot like the proton guns in the series. It was blue and orange. The tip and the front of the gun was orange and you could push and pull the front to shoot water out of the tip. There was a small hole towards the back of the gun that you could load water into.

Ghost Zapper: The Ghost Zapper was a dark grey gun that had a red tip and projected ghosts onto the wall or ceiling. The zapper also made different noises when a button was pressed.

Ghost Spooker: The Ghost Spooker was a voice changing toy that looked like the ghost trap. The blue box part of the trap was the speaker and a gray piece was connected by a black wire. The grey piece was where you spoke and changed the volume and pitch of your voice.



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Proton Pack

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Ecto Charger Pack

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Ghost Trap




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Ecto Goggles




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Ghost Zapper




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Ghost Spooker

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Ghost Popper

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Ecto Blaster

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Water Zapper




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Ghost Grab-A-Meter




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Nutrona Blaster




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Ecto Headphones