Russian About

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"Russian About"
Real Ghostbusters episode
Episode no. Season 6
Episode 8
Original air date October 27, 1990 (1990-10-27)
Episode chronology
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"My Left Fang"
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"The Slob"
Real Ghostbusters: Season 6
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While attending a convention in the Soviet Union, the Ghostbusters find themselves pitted against a cult obsessed with summoning a very powerful demon. Through a turn of events, the Ghostbusters get blamed for the theft of a precious "Nameless Book" that the cult requires and are placed under arrest. With the aid of Dr. Katarina Novachenka, the team escapes their captors and tracks down the cult and finally faces off against the last of “The Old Ones”.




  • The "Nameless Book" is what The Necronomicon is referred to as due to concerns by the network to referencing an "occult book".
  • This episode is very similar to The Collect Call of Cathulhu where a cult dressed exactly the same attempted to do almost exactly the same thing.
  • Crowd footage from Deadcon 1 is shown when the Ghostbusters enter the conference building.
  • Katarina's line of "Oh my" after the guys name off different creatures is a reference to The Wizard of Oz, and the famous line "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!".