The Bird of Kildarby

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"The Bird of Kildarby"
Real Ghostbusters episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 17
Original air date October 6, 1987 (1987-10-06)
Episode chronology
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"No One Comes to Lupusville"
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"The Long, Long, Long, etc. Goodbye"
Real Ghostbusters: Season 2
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In this episode the city of New York has purchased the Castle Kildarby for Central Park. Except there is one problem, the castle is haunted by Lord Kildarby and is Celtic army. Anytime someone enters the castle they are immediately thrown into the moat. So the Mayor calls upon the only team that can stop this.... the Ghostbusters (tell me you didn't see that one coming). So the Ghostbusters try to enter, and into the moat they go. Venkman gets the idea of confronting Lord Kildarby himself, by calling himself Lord Venkman. So Lord Venkamn asks Lord Kildarby to move out to some low income housing, and several other wise cracks at his Lordship Kildarby's expense. Which leads to Peter being taken as a prisoner. So in negotiation with Lord Kildarby for the release of Venkman, the Ghostbusters ask Kildarby what they have to do to get him to leave. The wager is Kildarby will leave if the Ghostbusters can catch his bird. If they can not, he gets the island of Manhattan. So the Ghostbusters not seeing much of a challenge accept. Only to come to find out that bird is the Bird of Kildarby, a giant monster of a bird. The Ghostbusters try and catch the bird, but there traps are not big enough. So after a destructive chase through the city, the Ghostbusters lure it back to the firehouse, and rig a trap to the containment unit. Catching the bird and saving the day. In the end the Mayor thanks the Ghostbusters, and asks the Ghostbusters how they got Lord Kildarby to leave? Only to find out that he didn't leave, but that they came to the compromise that he and his men will let the tourists in and only come out at night. The episode ends with fife and drums playing into the sunset.



  • This episode is available on the official RGB DVD release "Creatures of the Night" along with three other episodes.