The Two Faces of Slimer

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"The Two Faces of Slimer"
Real Ghostbusters episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 6
Original air date October 17, 1987 (1987-10-17)
Episode chronology
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"Once Upon a Slime"
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"Sticky Business"
Real Ghostbusters: Season 3
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After being told he is too little to go on the big jobs, Slimer falls asleep. A ectoplasmic leak in the containment unit causes Slimer to become infected and transform into a large hideous green monster ghost every time he falls asleep. The Ghostbusters discover Slimer and the monster ghost they have been fighting are one in the same. Egon calculates if Slimer turns into the monster ghost too many more times, he will stay that way. The Ghostbusters try their best to keep Slimer awake until they can find a solution!




  • Late in the episode, Slimer hides inside a bottle of orange juice/drink. Perhaps this is a subtle reference to the popular Hi-C orange flavored drink featuring Slimer at the time, Ecto Cooler.
  • Winston makes reference to Freddy Krueger of A Nightmare on Elm Street fame.
  • Slimer's favorite candy bar is Triple Caramel Crunchy.
  • Peter once had a job as a box boy.
  • In Slimer's dream where he saves the ghostbusters. His jumpsuit is the same color, or almost the same color as the dark gray ones from Ghostbusters II