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Born (1978-02-18) February 18, 1978 (age 43)
Residence Cortland, NEW YORK United States
Years active 15 years

Pretty much just some random dude who loves Ghostbusters too much.

Favorite movies: Hmm.... Gee, Let me think...Considering what site i'm on right now i think its a cardinal sin not to mention that my favorite movie is Ghostbusters. Superhero movies, anything by Lucasfilm, my second favorite movie is the Monster Squad.Horror,10% of Musicals (no, i'm straight.) E.T., Evil Dead 1,2,3, Tim Burton,

Favorite music: Pretty much anything that isn't RapHip hop

Favorite TV shows: Simpsons, Anime,(mostly romance Comedies because i'm sick of Robots/magic girls.) the Critic,Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Favorite books: Guerrilla home recording:how to get great sound from any studio by Karl Coryat and the Art of mixing:second edition by David Gibson.

Playstation username: belmont1978