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Born (1983-07-08) July 8, 1983 (age 40)
Residence Lloydminster, ALBERTA/SASKATCHEWAN Canada
Years active 11 years

As a kid I loved shows like thundercats, Labyrinth, Spaceballs and TMNT but nothing stuck like Ghostbusters did. I watched my old vhs tape sooo much that I'd be shocked to see it still working. I had a bunch of the real ghostbusters toys including the proton pack and pke kit. Always wanted to build the real deal so recently I decided it was time. I had the tools, I had the talent, so to speak...

Favorite movies: Ghostbusters, Boondock Saints, The Crow, Aliens, Star Wars.... List goes on.. and on..

Favorite music: Honestly too many... Tool, U2, David Bowie, The 69 Eyes are a few. I like so many types of music I can't choose favorites. Music if for the mood, for the soul, when you need it.