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Welcome to my Ecto-Goggles! These 1:1 scale dimensioned detail drawings, used in conjunction with the pics in my Props section, will help you construct a set of goggles like mine with the "Lighted Ring" effect around the lenses. These parts were fashioned to fit my Israeli AN/PVS-5 frames. You may have to tweak them a little to fit yours.

The Lenses should not be considered "screen-accurate", as I eye-balled most of the proportions, but I think they are a pretty good starting point. There are (2) updates on these drawings - the shoulder on the Lens bases has been increased in height and the size of the R/H Lens Front Block has been reduced.

The nice thing about this set-up is that there is NO adhesive used, so the goggles may be disassembled for repair or upgrade as needed. This works by placing the Faceplate against the front of the frame, slipping the Lens bases through the holes and applying the Backplate on the inside. When screwed together, the Backplate "pinches" the flanges on the Lens bases against the Faceplate and the upper/lower lips of the Frame, thus holding everything in place.

The LED circuit layout may be photo-copied onto a transparency and used to photo-etch the pattern onto light sensitized PCB, thus eliminating a very tedious hand layout.
I have also included drawings for the mount I built to display these goggles. Enjoy ! !

I have just discovered an incorrect dimension on the LENS ASS'Y, LEFT HAND drawing, Detail C. Overall length shown as 1.55, should be 1.28

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