First off, wanna thank everyone who made this pack build possible. All sellers, and pack builders before me which I studied religiously before my build.

Here's a quick run down of my pack...

Vincenzo/bigi... modified powercell fins myself

Aluminum Parts:
Ion arm - jpa35
Booster tube - myself
PPD - Franchesky
Filler tubes w/ plates - Franchesky (modified to correct length myself)
Motherboard - Vincenzo (MoBo attached to L brackets by pop rivets)
Ion knob painted rustic - jpa35
HGA - Franchesky
Injector tubes w/ plate - myself
Vhook - jpa35
Vacuum tube with bottom plate w/ welds - myself

Other Parts:
Nick-A-Tron bumper
Real Clippard Elbows
1st Gen 5/32 Legris Elbows painted dark grey
1st Gen Legris Straights
LC-1 Alice Frame with all correct attachments including accurate turnbuckle
Authentic Mil Spec Grey Crank Knob
Accurate Mil Spec Ribbon 'P' Clamp
Clippard Tubing
GB1 Ribbon cable made by myself
Real Resistors
Aluminum HGA label - JoeLuna
Funk labels (for now) no offense








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By JoeLuna33
I like the label on your HGA, its pretty sweet ;)

Oh and the whole pack is pretty bad ass as well.
JoeLuna33 wrote:I like the label on your HGA, its pretty sweet ;)

Oh and the whole pack is pretty bad ass as well.
Dude, looking forward to your labels. Simply the best. Gives the pack that "realistic" touch with their industrial look.
910dohead wrote:My aim is to have my build looking almost exactly like yours. Very beautiful looking pack. Are your elbows real or recast? Nevermind, I probably should've read the parts list...
Thanks man, I appreciate that. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I just received my aluminum thrower today so keep close for when I post it.
aceblackbelt wrote:Looking forward to seeing your thrower build! Mine is Probly going to be a lot slower than yours...
It wouldn't even be much of a build because RJ(dimensional fabrications) did such an incredible job, doesn't really leave me much room to put anything together haha.

But I will still show what I did along the way. First thing I wanna do is start sanding down the extra metal around the drill holes. I won't start any real work till next week after this holiday weekend.
Finally received my aluminum thrower last Friday.

These were shots I took right out of the box. However, I have started drilling out holes, also started cleaning up certain areas on the thrower and will post updated pictures sometime later.

I finished most of the work on the gun body, trigger box, and instrument bar.

Drill out the appropriate holes and tapped them.

Tomorrow I will continue finishing these parts and start on the front handle. The screws on the Clippard are not accurate. I'm just using the default screws till I get the slotted fillister screws.

I order brown gun grips from Nick-a-Tron so hopefully those can get here in the next few weeks. Also, have the front cylinder and rear cylinder arriving hopefully tomorrow from jimbo7.

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