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Dr. Janosz Poha was a young, quirky Polish artist who was head of the Manhattan Museum of Art restoration studio. In the winter of 1989, the self-portrait of Vigo the Carpathian was brought up from storage and Janosz planned to restore it for the museum's Romance Art exhibit. He spoke with an erratic Eastern European accent and occasional broken grammar.

He had a crush on Dana and seemed to have asked her out regularly only to be politely rejected every time. One night he stayed late to begin working on the Vigo painting. It was then that the spirit of Vigo came to life and took Janosz as a slave to procure a child for Vigo's resurrection before the New Year. He attempted to visit Dana and her baby, Oscar, during the blackout the Ghostbusters caused but she managed to deter his offer for company.

During the Ghostbusters' business boom, Peter paid a visit to Dana at the museum where he met Janosz and ultimately Vigo. Peter mocked the painting, angering Janosz and fueling Dana's suspicion that there could be more to Vigo's portrait than meets the eye. When the Ghostbusters showed up the next day to investigate, Janosz tried to get rid of them but they continued with their business making him weep at how Peter disgraced Vigo's personality while taking many photographs of the painting.

Eventually Janosz purposed a deal to Vigo, if he could claim Dana as payment for bringing a Oscar to him. When Vigo accepted, liking the idea of having her be Janosz's wife and his surrogate mother, Janosz wasted no time kidnapping Oscar, which he did in the spectral form of a menacing English nanny. When Dana followed to the museum Janosz tried to tempt her with the glory of Vigo but she refused. Janosz continued to try and sway her while she was helplessly confined beyond Oscar's reach. She pretended to accept Janosz's pleas to accept him and Vigo. When the Ghostbusters broke into the museum they wasted no time in dispatching Janosz. Ray and Winston sprayed him with positively-charged mood slime that released him from Vigo's influence and, as it did for Ray, put him in a groovy mood.

He was last seen praising the Ghostbusters at their mayoral Liberty Island parade.

Janosz was played by Peter MacNicol.