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The Globuscope is a hand-held panoramic camera used by Ray in Ghostbusters II during the museum sweep scene. He appears to use it as a sort of detector and not as a camera.

This 35mm camera is held above the head so that the photographer does not appear in the shot. The top of the camera rotates in a continuous clockwork motion, exposing an entire roll of 36 exposure film up to six times or individual 180 or 360 degree bursts.

Lens: 24mm f/3.5-f/16+

The camera was made by Globus Ltd, 44 West 24th Street, New York, United States in 1981. Its name is derived for the inventors, the Globus brothers. The camera is housed under the metallic cover, and utilizes a small slit for the lens to peer out of. A small button on the handle triggers the rotation. The hand-held panoramic camera is considered to be somewhat rare, and generally a functional model sells in the 1,500-3,000 USD range.
Approximate Dimensions
9" tall (including the handle)
5" is the handle (excluding the camera)
1.5 " width of the handle
5.25 " width of the camera
The correct model has a single latch on the top:

Below are pictures of an alternate model:


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