Extreme Ghostbusters

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Four to six years after The Real Ghostbusters dropped off the air completely (depending on where you lived), rumors began to fly over the possibility of a third Ghostbusters movie. Several comparable franchises had gotten another chance, and it only seemed right that Ghostbusters should follow suit. While fans waited for a third movie to develop, Sony brought us Extreme Ghostbusters.

Egon Spengler (having remained at the firehouse to watch over the containment unit), Janine, and Slimer return in the series, gathering together four of Egon's students from his Paranormal Studies class, in a return to the ghost-busting business. This ragtag new team of college students includes: Kylie, a goth girl obsessed with the paranormal, Eduardo, a cocky, skeptic slacker, Roland, the sensible brains, and Garrett, the wheelchair-bound rush junkie from Brooklyn Heights.

When there are extreme new ghosts trying to take over the world, who ya gonna call? The Extreme Ghostbusters, of course!

The series was produced by Sony and brought back much of the original cast from The Real Ghostbusters. This led to many stories being connected to the original series, such as a return of The Grundel and even a return of the entire original cast for a two-part special.

While many fans complained about P.C. character cliches and the pointlessly updated equipment (which was at first shown to be a necessity, although the old equipment was later used to complete success), the stories were fairly solid and showed plenty of promise. Sadly, Sony and the company that was given the rights to distribute the cartoon did everything wrong when it came to promoting the show and giving it good time slots for airing. Many areas aired the show well into the morning when the older fans were at work; further, the age group for which the show was suited was at school, leaving only preschool children with the available time to watch it on a daily basis.

Sadly, the show ran for only one 40-episode season. That said, the cartoon did seem to last past its prime, with a run of toys and video games that stayed on shelves long after the show was over.