Norm Gagnon's Prop Plans

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Here are Norm's latest, and most likely last, incarnation of his Proton Pack plans. They were drawn up and released in 2001 as Version #4. They still provide details on the best ways to create a pack built from household materials. A perfect set for fans working on their first pack where screen-accuracy is not particularly important. Be sure to also get the Preface Introduction & Materials List.

Ghost Trap Plans

Here are the Ghost Trap plans designed by Norm Gagnon in 1997. These were recently remastered and edited by AJ Quick in 2007 to enhance the quality and color.

Slime Blower Plans

These Slime Blower Plans were also completed in 1997. They have not been updated since then, however, Ghostbusters Fans has High Quality original scans that you will not find anywhere else!

Ecto Goggle Plans

The Ecto Goggle plans were completed in 2001 & 2002 as an addon to the latest versions of the Proton Pack plans. They provide a very simple way to create goggles from common parts purchased at a local hardware store.

Old Plans

These are the 3rd Version of Norm's Proton Pack Plans. They are dated around 1999 and were the first step into more detailed plans. Unfortunately they were not completed, but they did turn into Version 4 (as seen at the top of the page).

The 2nd Version of Norm's Proton Pack Plans were slightly more accurate versions of the first. They were finished in April 1997. They no longer had the square features and took on more accurate rounded profiles. Several other details were discovered and advanced after a trip to Washington DC's Planet Hollywood.

The 1st Version of Norm's Proton Pack Plans were completed in 1996 after numerous viewings of Ghostbusters and one worn down VCR pause button. They have most of the features there, but don't have all the shapes and sizes down. Definitely worth a look!