Stefan Otto's Prop Plans

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Stefan Otto (Bug Stomper) completed these plans in 2002 after having seen reference pictures from Minnesota's Planet Hollywood. They were done completely in CAD after having superimposed the pictures into the CAD system. Unknown measurements were created from known measurements on found objects. Despite being over 10 years old, these plans are still among the most accurate ones to date.

Proton Gun Plans

Sometime after the pack plans were released, these 1:1 scale Proton Gun plans came out. A fully documented set of plans has not been completed. These are the closest thing avaiable. Measurements can be taken after plans have been printed out.

Stefan's Proton Gun Plans.jpg

1:1 Scale Gun Drawings PDF Download

Ghost Trap Plans

Stefan has released Ghost Trap plans to the same extent as the Proton Gun Plans (above). There are no measurements, but they can be obtained by printing out and taking the measurements from there. The pedal is 1:1 scale, but the trap is 1:2 scale.

Stefan's Ghost Trap Pedal Plans.jpg

1:1 Ghost Trap Pedal Plans PDF Download
Stefan's Ghost Trap Plans.jpg

1:2 Ghost Trap Plans PDF Download