Sean Bishop's Prop Plans

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Sean Bishop (venkman71) runs two popular prop websites, Proptopia, and the former GB Project site. While making these plans he had access to a few screen used Proton Packs, and bases his measurements and techniques off of what he has seen and measured. He has used his advanced artistic talents to bring us a series of plans that are extremely accurate and detailed.

Proton Pack Plans

The Proton Pack plans were designed after several different versions of screen used Proton Packs Sean had access to. Ranging from foam stunt packs, to GB2 style recast Packs.

Note: The measurements for the pack parts below are the most accurate I've ever been able to put together. Based off of measurements from Bill Murray's GB I foam stunt pack and corroborated/revised after measuring a fiberglass hero pack from GB II. I compiled this master set of numbers and revised the plans you see below. There's a few pics I haven't finished yet but they're on the way. -V71

Proton Gun Plans

As with any good set of plans, the Proton Pack and Proton Gun are two seperate props requiring an immense amount of time and work to make them both. Sean bases these plans off of an actual Proton Gun that he and a fellow Ghosthead acquired.

Note: These particle thrower plans need to be SEVERELY updated. The trap ones are good, the pack ones are good but these need a new set of measurements and some corrected drawings. I will do my best to get these up soon. -V71

Ghost Trap Plans

These plans were tried and tested by Sean, making several incarnations out of foam core, before ultimately settling on a set of measurements that matched the screen used traps most closely.

The measurements of this trap are based off of Ernie Hudson's screen used cast rubber stunt trap, (acquired along with his pistol belt and circuit board), for Ghostbusters II. The masters were meticulously built up, finished, painted and cast in silicone molds.