Citizen Ghost

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"Citizen Ghost"
Real Ghostbusters episode
Citizen Ghost Title.jpg
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 11
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Original air date November 22, 1986 (1986-11-22)
Episode chronology
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"Take Two"
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"Janine's Genie"
Real Ghostbusters: Season 1
Real Ghostbusters: Episode Guide

So what happened after the events of the first Ghostbusters movie? All is revealed here as Peter is interviewed by a reporter on the history of the Ghostbusters. Peter forgets to burn the ectoplasmic covered uniforms and a leak in the containment unit causes the suits to come to life as ghostly clones of the guys themselves! The clones have one destroy and replace the Ghostbusters! This is one of the most commonly remembered and memorable episodes for it's connections to the film.




  • This episode is a history of the Ghostbusters and what happened after the events of fighting Gozer. The guys are seen in their movie color suits.
  • Cynthia Crawford, the reporter from UBN news who interviews Peter, she reappears at least one other time in the series. Her name is almost certainly a parody of Cindy Crawford
  • In third grade, Peter got in a fight with a guy named Rick. Big guy, big muscles...brains of a trout.
  • Ray was born in the Bronx.
  • The song used in this episode is Charge You Up by Tahiti.


Egon Spengler: Transtator?
Peter Venkman: Check.
Egon Spengler: Field Generator?
Peter Venkman: Check.
Egon Spengler: Ionization Decaymeter?
Peter Venkman: Check.
Egon Spengler: Plasmatic Refractor? Anti Ecto Plasm Destruct Mechanism? Bypolar Adjuster?
Peter Venkman: Check, check and (yawns) check.
Egon Spengler: Transwarp Drive?
Peter Venkman: Check.
Egon Spengler: Ah-ha! Caught you. We don't have a Transwarp Drive.
Peter Venkman: (scoff) If we don't have one, then it can't malfunction. If it's not malfunctioning, then nothing's wrong. And if nothing's wrong, then it checks, right?
Egon Spengler: I'm not going to talk to you again for at least a week. It's not good for me.
Peter Venkman: Hey, don't make fun. This is how I got through college.

Winston Zeddemore: Man, this job was a lot easier when these things didn't shoot back!