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The uniforms worn in the first film were CWU-27/P style flight suits made from a khaki ripstop with brass zippers. The patches consist of a "no-ghosts" logo on the right shoulder and the wearer's last name across the left breast. A rubber connector, possibly cast from an industrial valve stem seal, is sewn above the left knee of the suit, from which a transparent yellow hose runs to the back of belt. The pantlegs are tucked into 10" Carolina jump boots with aluminum side-zippers.

While the uniforms are clearly khaki both in person and various production stills, they have a slightly grey hue in the film (due to lighting and film stock). The photo below gives a fairly accurate depiction of the true color of the suits in 1983; note the skin tones, containment grid, and leg hose as color reference points.

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GB1 Pocket/Tab Configuration Chest pockets Left sleeve pocket Pleated action back Storm flap Hook & loop sleeve tabs Hook & loop waist tabs Two-way front zipper Knife pocket Leg zippers Left vertical thigh pocket Right horizontal thigh pocket Side entry zippers Zippered leg pockets

Ghostbusters II

The khaki and dark grey uniforms worn in the second film were custom-made by Flight Suits, Ltd. (now Gibson & Barnes). While both uniforms were very similar to those worn in the first film, there were a few minor changes:

1. The khaki suits were a lighter shade and displayed a unique herringbone pattern. 2. The arm patches featured the Ghostbusters II logo (the GB1 patches were worn during the opening). 3. The name patches were redone in a smaller, easier to read font. 4. The leg hoses were clear instead of yellow.* 5. The leg hose connectors had a detachable stem for securing the hose.*

  • NOTE: The dark grey uniforms lack both the leg hose and connector.

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Several of these uniforms, both screen-used and production-made (extra costumes made for the film, but possibly not used on-screen) are either in private collections or on display at Planet Hollywood and Sony Studios. Ernie Hudson currently has one of his original charcoal grey GB2 suits (complete with black web belt, gizmo and trap holster), but his khaki GB1 uniform went missing from his hotel room at a New Jersey convention.

An original Ghostbusters uniform (missing logo patch on upper right arm):

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Another original Ghostbusters uniform (with a "GBII-Styled" Belt):

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This original Ghostbusters uniform was auctioned off in 2008 by Profiles in History:

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These pictures gives a good view of an original nametag and no-ghosts patch. Also note the khaki ripstop fabric used to make the suits:

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For the fan wishing to put together his/her own uniform, plenty of companies currently sell both grey and khaki flight suits. The colors of these suits, while close to the originals, can be altered slightly through a dying process to match those seen onscreen. Patches that are fairly accurate are also available from dealers on the internet and/or eBay.

Gibson & Barnes CWU-27/P Flight Suit

Gibson & Barnes, formerly Flightsuits, Ltd., was the company that produced both the khaki and dark grey uniforms worn in Ghostbusters II. They offer both regular Nomex flight suits and custom-made suits for those who require a more screen-accurate uniform (details such as zippers, pocket configuration, and color). However, these suits are generally very expensive, especially if having a custom suit made.

Cockpit USA CWU Flight Suit

This company provides reproduction flight suits based on those issued prior to the adoption of Nomex coveralls from the early to mid-1960s. Their flight suits are tailored to the CWU Mil. Spec. featuring six large zipper pockets, pen, pencil �cigarette� pocket with Velcro closures at the waist, sleeve cuff and full zip closure at the leg cuff with regulation size Velcro identification patch on left chest. All zippers are unpainted brass. Imported. 100% cotton. These suits are very similar to the ones used in the first film and come in only two colors: khaki and black. These suits are no longer available.

UPDATE: As of 2017, the company now provides a very different suit that only comes in a more yellow Khaki. The side pockets no longer have zippers and some of the brass zippers are painted black. Furthermore, the waistband is very high. They are priced at about $90.00.

Nomex CWU-27/P Flight Suit

The CWU-27/P flight suit, currently issued to U.S. Air Force pilots, is the most accurate option available for an off-the-rack suit. Made from a synthetic fire-resistant material called Nomex, this suit has the same pocket configuration as those used in both films (minus the side-entry pockets). For those wishing to make the suit more screen-accurate, the black metal zippers can easily be sanded down to reveal the brass underneath. In addition to the desert tan color, these suits are also available in black or olive drab. While Nomex suits can cost up to $200.00 brand new, used or "defective" suits can be found on eBay or military surplus stores anywhere from $20.00 - $40.00. The GB1 uniform that Bill Murray wore to the 2010 Scream Awards appears to be a Nomex suit.

Tru-Spec CWU-27/P Flight Suit

The Tru-Spec flight suit, made of a polyester/cotton twill, is a civillian-produced uniform that is very similar to its Nomex counterpart. While this suit lacks both the knife and lap pockets, it does have the side-entry pockets and brass zippers. These suits offer slightly more ventilation than the Nomex suits and are readily available online or at surplus stores for about $35.00.

Rothco Air Force Style Flight Suit

There are also polyester/cotton suits made by other companies that are generally of lesser quality. One of the more prominent ones that pop up online constantly are made by Rothco. While these can work for a decent uniform, the zippers are merely plastic, and the material is a bit thinner, as well as missing the storm flap and having a very yellowish tint. To get a khaki color truer to the film, dyeing is required. Many online merchants use a generic photo to represent the uniform but the color and other details are way different in person. These will cost about the same as a Tru-Spec, but will be of a lesser quality. Sometimes the online merchant will neglect to list the manufacturer, so be sure before purchasing that you know what brand of poly/cotton suit you are getting.

Fox Air Force Zippered Coverall

Fox Outdoor produces a flight suit that is a substantial improvement over the Rothco suit. The khaki suits have less yellow, and the chest pockets do not sit as low. These suits, while not as well-made as the Nomex or Tru-Spec, have both the lap and side-entry pockets and are readily available online or at surplus stores for about $35.00. As of 2010, the GB1 uniform that Ernie Hudson wears to conventions and various signings appears to be a Fox flight suit (supplied by Ryan Fear, along with patches and accessories).

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